Great Success for Boys’ School at Science Fair

September 08, 2016 at 1:25 PM

Following on from the Boys’ School Science Symposium, a select group of young scientists from our Senior School presented their science projects for judging at the Auckland Regional Science and Technology Fair hosted onsite in the Jubilee Sports Centre. The boys’ projects were put on display alongside the top 200 projects from 22 schools within the central Auckland area.

At the Prizegiving, the judges said that the standard across Year 7 and 8 this year was extremely high, so we were delighted that 20 of our boys were recognised with 26 awards. Six of the projects were singled out for special awards!

The projects were varied and interesting from Will Tisdall’s project, ‘Growth Spurt’ that looked at the cost of farm fertiliser and investigated a more economical substitute made from sheep dags to Isaac Mellis-Glynn testing for water quality around streams in Auckland - and getting bitten by an eel for his efforts! 

Angus Thompson tested house plants to see which would be the best to keep our indoor environment oxygen rich, while Cameron Dean undertook some sophisticated mathematical equations when measuring the calorific value of different kinds of nuts! 

As always there was a diverse range of imaginative projects displayed for our judges to ponder but the winning projects were selected on the basis of their rigour to carry out repeated scientific measurements, fair testing, analysis of the results, returning to reflect on the hypothesis and taking into account any experimental error. 

Well done boys!

Prize Winners:

Cameron Dean - Nut-trition, Material World, 1st place

Isaac Mellis-Glynn - Water’s the Matter, Planet Earth and Beyond, 2nd place and Special Prize

Will Tisdall - Growth Spurt, Living World, 2nd place

Tom and Will King - Burn Time, Material World, 2nd place

Jack Priddy - Get into Gear, Physical World, 2nd place

Zac Lerner - The nose knows, Living World, 3rd place and Special Prize

Angus Thompson - Carbon Natural Me, Planet Earth and Beyond, 3rd place 



Highly Commended: Cameron Adams,  Bradley McCarthy (and Special Prize), Jack Webber and Sam Gunn (and Special Prize), Ben Ross and Alex Facer, Lachlan Dean,  Andrew Davies and Alistair Campbell, Joe Duncan, Stuart Campbell, Zavier Edmonds (and Special Prize).



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