Great Day at Weetbix Tryathlon

February 23, 2016 at 12:12 PM

An early morning start did not deter 40 determined boys from Years 3-8 who set out to achieve their personal best at the St Helier’s Weetbix Tryathlon over the weekend. The weather was stunning, providing the boys with perfect conditions to put their training to the test as they swam, cycled and ran the course.

The popular waterfront event attracts hundreds of competitors but with some amazing logistics and help from parents, the students had their bikes and clothing set up in the transition areas ready for a quick change as they exited the water – and all managed to locate their bikes amongst the mele when the time came!

It was evident that the boys were well prepared both mentally and physically, as they calmly waited their turn to cross the start line for the first leg of the race. On completion, all entrants received a medal for participating and were clearly proud of their efforts!

With almost unbelievable luck, our boys won three spot prizes resulting in three new bikes! Recognising that others’ needs are greater than their own, plans are underway to donate the bikes to a worthy cause.

Well done boys on a great morning of sportsmanship!

Distances for each age group:

Age 7: Swim 50m, Cycle 4km, Run 1.5km

Age 8-10: Swim 100m, Cycle 4km, Run 1.5km

Age 11-15: Swim 200m, Cycle 8km, Run 1.5km


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