A ‘Grand’ Morning at the Preschool

October 10, 2023 at 4:30 PM

Before the busy rush of back-to-school time for the rest of our Shore Road students, our preschoolers invited their grandparents to join them for a morning.

As the guests of honour began to stream in, intermittent squeals of delight and rather loud stomps towards the door indicated a sighting of their beloved family members. Grandparents were met with big squeezes and wide smiles as the children eagerly pulled them into their classrooms.

Each class set up activity stations for the students to craft, create, and play with their grandparents. From potting little plants to beading necklaces, decorating bookmarks to crafting with clay, there was plenty to keep the family’s busy.

Many of the children ended up outside enjoying the sunshine; showing their grandparents how they play in the sand with the water feature and on the playground. Everyone had worked up quite the appetite as the clock ticked toward morning tea time. Fortunately, the staff had a beautiful high tea prepared for each class.

Set up in the dining room were platters of fruit, sandwiches, and a tower of sweet treats that had the children ogling! Seated at the little tables, families enjoyed quality time together while enjoying their nibbles.

Whether grandparents by blood or grandparents by love, our preschooler’s are incredibly grateful to have generations that look out for them, care for them, and can sneak them treats when mum’s not watching! Thank you to our grandparents for carving out time to spend with your little ones, they appreciate it more than they could ever express.

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