Graffiti Artists

December 03, 2020 at 2:43 PM

There’s nothing more alluring for a graffiti artist than a blank wall waiting to be adorned with signature graffiti; usually in a spot with a good public view - and painted without permission! Most graffiti artists choose to protect their identities and remain anonymous to hinder prosecution.

In the case of the Boys’ School, permission was definitely granted and artistic endeavours were welcomed!

When the extensive stretch of white hoardings went up last December to enclose the building site for the new Specialist Facilities and Senior Boys’ Classroom building, plans were put in place to decorate the white walls for the period they remain, until the construction is complete… and then we went into lockdown, and then we went into lockdown again! This served to foreshorten the practical art programme during the weeks the boys were at school and the hoardings went on hold.

With the school year coming to a close and exams finished, the Year 8 boys took to the field today, in between showers of rain, to begin to add colour to the blank canvas in a House themed effort. Cargill, Chalmers, Hamilton and Wishart worked in teams throughout the morning to gradually build up colour, using only the letters of their House. The seemingly simple theme gradually grew in complexity as each subsequent group added to the work.

Standing back to view all the boys at work painting, the sheer scale of the building under construction, as it towered above them, is most impressive. What an amazing addition the new Specialist Facilities and Senior Boys’ Classroom building will be to the Shore Road campus when it is ready to be occupied at the start of 2022!

Meanwhile, like graffiti artists around the world, the boys’ artwork will be fleeting but they certainly enjoyed the experience!

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