Gold, Glitz and Glamour at the College Ball

May 18, 2015 at 11:39 AM

With a nod to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel The Great Gatsby, the theme for this year’s College Ball was vintage 1920’s chic with an unforgettable party for 800 of our Year 12-13 students and their guests.

Arriving in varying style from limousines to party buses, the students made their way to the ballroom at Sky City, lavishly decorated in black and gold, to be greeted by their Tutors. As always, our girls looked stunning in their evening wear and our boys were transformed into smart young men in their formal suits.

Year after year, our College Ball is a well organised event where our students rise to the occasion and enjoy one of the best nights of the year. For the Student Council, whose task it is to bring the evening together, it’s an exciting time as they work as a team to ensure that their ball is, by some small detail, better than the year before.

It’s a quite a challenge and yet every year the bar is raised another notch as the students check their task lists and issue the tickets knowing they have done all they can to make sure it’s an evening all can enjoy.

With the decibels turned up, the dance floor was soon pumping as 800 students set about having a great night out with their friends. The official photographers were kept busy at each station, as were the ‘do-it-yourself’ photo booths as students lined up to ‘capture’ the evening. The smell of food arriving drew the hungry to the buffet tables where there was plenty to please every palate!

Early in the evening, after much deliberation by the Student Council, sashes were awarded with much delight to those that ‘caught the eye.’ Best Dressed Male Student, Henry Donald was definitely one of those in his eye-catching bright blue suit adorned with orange goldfish!

King and Queen of the Ball: Charlie Walkley and Thomas Littlejohn
Prince and Princess of the Ball: Lana Popovich and Keb Vaetoe
Cutest Couple: Charlotte Booth and Matt Smith
Best Dressed Female Student: Amy Laing          
Best Dressed Male Student: Henry Donald                                   
Best Dressed Female Teacher: Miss Alice Hamilton
Best Dressed Male Teacher: Mr James Went

We constantly delight in our College students and the Ball is a chance for staff to see them in yet another light. Their politeness, positive pride and enthusiasm for the occasion were a pleasure to share.

Our sincere thanks to the Student Council for the dedicated and detailed work they undertook along with, staff member, Mrs Natalie Burridge, in planning the Ball. This is a massive undertaking and one they  can be proud of!

Student Council:  Jess Boyce (Chair), Jeremy Bakalich, Hannah Thwaites, Harriet O’Brien, Meagan Rawnsley, Lucy Floyd, Zoe Bellingham

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