Girls’ School Year 7 and 8 Leadership Workshop

August 13, 2018 at 11:30 AM

The Girls’ School Year 7 and 8 students were fortunate to be part of a workshop run by one of New Zealand’s top scholars, Andrew Tang. He spoke about the necessity to work hard at school to ensure academic achievement, but he also emphasised the need to stand out from the crowd when seeking a place at university or with a potential employer. This may be achieved through extra-curricular activities and the key message relating to these was to follow your passion, develop and strengthen your experiences and give back to the community.

Another key message shared was to be in control of your own pathway through innovative leadership. He said that many students can be passive about leadership roles, particularly where there was a strong focus on institutional leadership such as being a perfect. He emphasised that there will be many chances to lead through personal choices, and that all success comes from a ‘mountain of effort, sheer determination, making mistakes or experiencing rejection.’  Through these fundamental messages students were asked to reflect on their passions, their future direction, personal development; understanding that leadership does not have to be given to you. Andrew emphasised the importance of building your personal brand through your learning, your extra-curricular activities and how you have given back to the community. There was much for the girls to reflect on and further classroom work will follow this initiative.

Andrew came to the School through Crimson Education, which was founded in 2013. Their one core goal is to help people to achieve their potential, stating that ‘leaders aren’t born, they’re made.’

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