Girls’ School Year 7 and 8 Camp

March 12, 2020 at 11:42 AM

School camp is one of the most memorable parts of growing up, as students experience many new challenges and activities that they wouldn’t usually encounter in their daily lives. These experiences help build confidence, collaboration skills and relationships in ways that are different from being inside the classroom. 

This term, more than 70 Year 7 and 8 Girls’ School students travelled to Tauranga to experience the ultimate camping experience at McLaren Falls. Sleeping in tents and cooking their dinner on gas burners, the girls embraced every challenge and developed a great deal of resilience and independence during their week away from home. 

The weather was stunning and allowed for a wide variety of activities, such as the river hop, kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing and completing the Maximus programme at Waimarino Water park. The Maximus programme involved a variety of challenging activities such as abseiling, rock climbing, problem-solving puzzles, water slides, river swings and high diving boards. The most challenging but exciting event was the ‘blob’ - where students jumped from a high board onto the inflatable ‘blob’, sending their peers flying into the river. 

To add to the excitement, the students participated in a House Challenge Day. Chalmers House came out on top, proving to be strong leaders and communicators when it came to team-building and problem-solving activities. The evenings were also jam-packed with exciting activities and games such as the all-time favourite spotlight and a waka ride through the glow worm canyon. 

Our Year 7 students arrived home a day ahead of the Year 8 girls and participated in a day of fun, making pizza, soap and playing in the pool. The Year 8 students arrived back to school the following day proud of their accomplishments and the new friends they had made.

Special thanks to our wonderful parents who supported the teachers at camp.

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