Girls' School Visits Science Roadshow

May 27, 2014 at 12:16 PM

Yesterday, the Year 7 and 8 girls had an exciting, interactive, learning experience at the Science Roadshow mobile science discovery centre enjoying live shows and hands on exhibits. The visit to the travelling show, held at Dilworth Junior School, was the conclusion to the Girls’ School Science Week.

In the opening session, the girls quickly became fully engaged with the ‘Am I Living?’ show where the presenters discussed the characteristics of living things - human, other animals and plants – and what they need to survive. 

The girls were then free to explore and interact with the many exhibits and activities around the hall. To help the girls out, each item had a context board which included information about how to use the exhibit, the science behind it, and where such things occur in everyday life. A number of the exhibits also had student ‘explainers’ - senior students from Dilworth Junior School, who were there to assist the girls so they could gain the most from their Roadshow experience.

The second, and by far the loudest show, focused on reactions and the gases in the air. Using liquid nitrogen, the presenters experimented in freezing the gases inside a balloon that made it deflate. They then blew on the straggly balloon to warm it up and the girls watched in amazement as it expanded back to its original size!

They also watched an experiment that included very loud hydrogen bombs - when you fill a balloon with the right mix of hydrogen and oxygen, it will result in a very loud bang as the chemicals react!

The Roadshow quiz also kept them challenged with a task to discover the science at work behind three flagged interactive exhibits and verbally present their findings to the teachers.

At the end of the visit, two of our girls won the lucky dip for entering the quiz and received a prize of a pen with a measuring device incorporated into it.

Science Week at the Girls’ School is a fantastic opportunity for the girls to observe and practise specialised science topics in an environment set outside the classroom. Science Teacher, Mrs Jess Francis said that the activity programme enables extended learning for the girls making their experience in the classroom richer. ‘It provides an extra layer to their learning and it’s fun,’ she says.



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