Girls’ School Term 3 Trips

October 13, 2023 at 4:56 PM

Our middle schoolers enjoyed a couple of great trips throughout Term 3, both supplementing learning and injecting unique experiences into their usual routine.

Year 4 Overnight Adventure at Kelly Tarlton's

On a crisp August evening, forty-seven Girls' School students embarked on an underwater adventure at Kellxy Tarlton's, accompanied by Year 7 helpers and dedicated parent volunteers. Their journey began at 7 pm, welcomed by knowledgeable ocean ranger Steve. An exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Sea Life Kelly Tarlton's Aquarium awaited them, illuminated by the setting sun.

In the underwater world, they marvelled at sharks, stingrays, turtles, octopuses, eels, and playful penguins. An exclusive tour allowed them to feed fish sardines, with gleeful splashes and a few surprises.

A replica of Captain Scott's Antarctic hut provided insight into extreme conditions explorers would have faced. They then ventured onto snow tractors and snowmobiles, experiencing Antarctic landscapes, and braved the 'Tunnel of Doom' for a taste of whiteout conditions. Night's embrace found them resting on a conveyor belt, with swimming sharks and fish overhead.

Morning revealed stunning harbour views as they enjoyed breakfast in Turtle Bay, served by Year 7 helpers. Returning to school, laughter filled the air as they watched movies, shared popcorn, pizza, and newfound friendships, reminiscing about penguin antics.

Year 6 Maungakiekie Expedition

As a part of the Middle School’s exploration of the term theme ‘Tōku Tūrangawaewae’ (You are who you are because of where you stand), Year 6 girls took a trip up Maungakiekie, a local landmark steeped in history and significance.

Their immersive experience encompassed a multi-faceted approach to learning. Firstly, students delved into the treasure trove of our local history, uncovering the stories of Remuera and Ōrākei. This knowledge formed the bedrock of their understanding of the area they call home.

The focal point of their adventure was the ascent of Maungakiekie itself. As they climbed the hill, the students engaged in a treasure hunt, diligently following clues scattered throughout the park. These clues led them to artefacts intricately linked to their community's past, allowing them to piece together the historical narrative that surrounds them.

Back in the classroom, the students took their knowledge and channelled it into creative writing pieces set in our local area. They also translated their newfound knowledge into a tangible design project. Harnessing the popular game, Minecraft, the girls built their own Māori Pā from scratch. This hands-on endeavour was a direct result of their Maungakiekie visit and unit studies, offering a modern interpretation of historical concepts.

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