Girls’ School Teacher vs Student Sports Tournament

September 11, 2020 at 10:06 AM

In light of the AIMS and Sport Zone Competitions that have been cancelled due to Covid, the Girls’ School have set up a six-week tournament for the Senior students and staff. To start off the tournament, a game of Netball was held at lunchtime yesterday. With the matchup looking fierce, ref, Ms Francis had a lot on her hands.  

Netball skills were put to the test and the pressure was high as the side-lines quickly filled up with spectators – and even cheerleaders! The Year 8 team was seen down at the courts warming up early, whereas the teachers made their grand entrance, blasting ‘The Eye of The Tiger’ as they marched onto the courts.

The Year 8 students got off to a great start in the first quarter, really applying the pressure with a score of 4-1. After warming up, the teachers then upped their game in the second quarter, gaining 3 points and drawing at half time.

The game was tough, but the teachers made an impressive lead into the third quarter, scoring 4 points to 2. Ref, Ms Francis had to watch closely as the game picked up, issuing a ‘pink card’ to Rev Hardie for not knowing where to place his feet. By the time it came to the fourth quarter, the crowd was really going for it, cheering, holding up signs and waving about their pompoms. With a massive dive from Ms Cassie and a great aim from goal shooters, Rev Hardie and Mr Williams, the teachers scored the final two points, finishing the game off with a score of 10-6.

It was a fantastic game with plenty of laughs, smiles and joy shared by all. Well done to all those who participated! We look forward to next week’s game!

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Staff vs Year 8 – Netball Line Ups







Helen P



Amelia D

Mikayla C

Levonah M

Jamaria C

Sophie Y

Holly S

Golden LH

Skye P

Nora C

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