Girls' School Swimming Sports 2015

March 04, 2015 at 11:09 AM

Well done to all the girls that competed in and supported Saint Kentigern Girls’ School Swimming Sports 2015. Over a morning full of high energy from the Houses, the Middle and Senior School finalists put on an impressive display of talent across their heats.

Starting off with the Year 7 100m freestyle, each year group swam across a range of 100, 50 and 25m length races against the stopwatch and each other. All finalists were proud to demonstrate their impressive aquatic skills to their peers, staff and family members sitting on the sidelines.

The girls kept the buzz of the morning and the House spirit alive with their lively chants and energetic dance moves around the pool. Under the watchful eye of Principal, Dr Hastie, the girls were certainly keen to earn extra House points for their team show of support!

Overall, it was a fantastic morning and with the mercury sitting at around 23 degrees, the air temperature was pleasant. A special mention to Ollie, Sam and Hayley from Swimtastic, who supported the event and assisted with spotting and timing. The staff were extremely impressed with the standard of swimming this year which was so great to see!

Overall Year Group Champions





Year 8

Ava Beca CA

Terri-Jane Warner HA

Zara Smith WI

Year 7

Florence Dallow WI

Elyse Tse CA

Addison Peebles CA

Year 6

Eva Coyler CA

Kate Frazer CA

Isabel Li WI

Year 5

Bridget Dennis WI

Mary Stanfield CA

Grace Gilbert WI

Year 4

Frances Revell-Devlin

Alexandra Lamb WI

Darcy McDonald CA

Year 3

Sienna Hirst CA

Sienna Haar WI

Caroline Healy WI

Year 2

Amy Whitelaw CH

Natasha Appleton-Dyer HA

Ashley Cheeseman HA

Year 1

Sienna Robertshaw CH

Brooke Rountree CA

= Chloe Chester WI 

= Charlotte Albrecht HA

House Points









Overall Champion

Junior Champion

Eva Coyler CA

Senior Champion

Florence Dallow WI

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