Girls' School Students Complete AUT Sports Workshop

June 13, 2014 at 10:09 AM

As part of the Sport Programme at Saint Kentigern Girls’ School, three representatives from AUT Millennium recently met with a group of 20 selected students and performed an IPA as part of the Millennium Athlete Development programme. An IPA is an Individual Performance Assessment, a totally personalised testing system specific to each individual and tuned to their favourite sport. 

Along with sports staff, the mix of Year 6-8 girls attended the full day workshop, which was fully tailored to the needs of our girls, onsite at AUT Millennium on the North Shore. During the course of the day, the girls completed fitness assessments and learnt new strength training exercises to help prevent injuries and lift their performance.

The girls really engaged and showed a great interest in the topic of Sports Nutrition, learning that Up and Go is not a good breakfast! During the tests, Year 8 student, Nazanin Tuaa achieved an amazing result with her ‘forward squat jump’ of 2.10 metres!

After the workshop the parents then joined the girls for the IPA Results Seminar. AUT’s Programme Director gave an insight into what the girls results meant, the positives and negatives, and the necessary steps moving forward to ensure the girls can be the best they can be.

Director of Sport, Ms Kristie Richards and PE and Sports Teacher, Mrs Courtney Rowson, said they were both really impressed with the girls behaviour and the effort they put in to what was a hugely valuable day.

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