Girls’ School Speech Competition

August 21, 2019 at 2:36 PM

Eighteen of the best Year 4 to 8 speakers at the Girls’ School stepped up to present their speeches in this morning’s Speech Competition - all speaking with great clarity and poise.

The hall was full of supporters and students who had also presented their speeches in class over the last few weeks. Each year group had an assigned topic on which to base their speech to ensure variety across the age groups, with the Year 4 to 8 competitive speeches interspersed with talks from selected students in Years 1 to 3. Regardless of the age group, the confidence was astonishing!

This year we had the privilege of welcoming adjudicator Mrs Del Costello to judge the students on their delivery and presentation, content and engagement, use of language and overall impact and message. Mrs Costello has been a speech, drama and communications teacher for more than 20 years and works as a New Zealand Speech examiner and adjudicator.

With topics such as racism, equality, social media and more, every finalist was a strong contender with excellent speech making skills and consequently, making judging no easy task! In the end, Mrs Costello summed up, acknowledging all the students on their creativity.

In Year 4, Lillian Tang received first place with her educational piece on the ‘Flute’ and how you use it, hold it and clean it. Year 5 winner was Amelia Paterson with her speech about ‘Dunedin’ and all the reasons you should make it your next holiday destination. Poppy Heazlewood received the Year 6 title with her reasons as to why ‘Women and Men Should be Equal’ and Ada Hu walked away with the Year 7 title with her speech on how ‘Social Media is Running Your Life.’

To conclude the morning, Year 8 student, Xarya Knox received the Year 8 and Overall Winner  Awards with her speech on how ‘Teachers Need Better Working Conditions.’

Well done to all those who presented their speeches. Our sincere thanks to Mrs Costello for her time and valuable feedback. We wish Xarya all the best a she takes the stage at the Remuera Zone competition.

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