Girls’ School Rehu Tai Festival Of Oral Language – Online!

September 13, 2021 at 2:08 PM

Despite our girls being scattered across Auckland, safe in their own bubbles, Lockdown did not prevent many of our Girls’ School bubbles coming together online for this year’s Speech and Spoken Word competition. Unable to be held in person at school, this online Zoom event was hosted by Emma Carpenter, Executive Officer of Speech N.Z, and we thank her for her help and guidance in ensuring the evening went smoothly.

All pieces for presentation were written on the theme of ‘Diversity,’ as set by the Auckland Primary Principals’ Association for this year’s Rehu Tai Competition.The17 girls selected to perform challenged the audience on the stereotypes we encounter, highlighted gender inequalities within sports, workplaces, Disney fairy tales, and noted the conformities in our lives. They encouraged us to be open and welcoming of different cultures, consider the expectations and perfections we place on ourselves, and the importance of having a diverse world.

It was the first time we included Spoken Word as part of our Speech Competition - a new genre introduced to the Girls’ School this year. The Spoken Word poems that were presented showed the power of this raw and engaging genre.

An audience of over 70 attendees tuned into the event, offering support and encouragement through the chat function and reactions - teachers congratulated their class representatives, girls commented on what they enjoyed about each speech and our performers responded. This platform created an interactive, positive, and supportive vibe.

Our sincere thanks to Del Costello, a NZ Speech Examiner, for taking the time to adjudicate. She said she looked for audience connection, clean structured speeches, and original ideas and content when selecting the winners. She was impressed by the public speaking skills in these young women, and couldn’t wait to see what they’ll achieve in the future!



Year 6                  Sophia Evans                   Why women should have equal rights with men

Year 7                  Sophia Fulford                  The Upside

Year 8                  Eden Murdoch                  Gender Equality   



Year 6                  Ruby Bryson                    Diversity

Year 7/8               Milly Macleod                   The Life of Normal 

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