Girls School raise over $2000 for Halberg

December 04, 2013 at 10:35 AM

IMG_6332.JPGIn a new fundraising initiative this year, the Girls’ School organised a day of sporting fun to raise funds for the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation. Earlier in the week, former Boys’ School Principal and now CEO of the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation, Mr Geoff Burgess paid a visit to assembly. Mr Burgess talked to the girls about the importance that sport plays in people’s lives - keeping us fit, sharpening the mind, developing a competitive spirit, bringing us together with friends and providing a source of role models from players to coaches and managers.

He said that each of us can probably remember a special sporting moment, whether it’s our own triumph or witnessing the triumph of another. He harked back to 1960, a year when a growing number of households could boast a black and white television; a year when, in a TV first, New Zealand could witness Murray Halberg run to an amazing gold victory in the 5000m at the Olympics in Rome. He explained that not many people realised that Murray was disabled after a severe rugby injury to his shoulder, earlier in his life, left his arm withered. He took up running under the guidance of Arthur Lydiard;  his disability making him all the more determined to win and win he did.

 In 1963, Murray set up The Halberg Trust (rebranded in 2012 to become the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation), which supports children with disabilities to be active in sport and leisure, creating a pathway for sporting opportunities and competition at an elite level.

Mr Burgess introduced, Rebecca Dubber, a bubbly, young woman who has spent her life in a wheelchair but never saw that as a reason to hold her back. After trying several sports and despite having limited use of her legs, she chose swimming as her sport of choice. She explained to the girls that water creates no limits and the sense of weightlessness gave her freedom. Through her teens she trained and competed with a squad and then set her sights on bigger things. She competed at the London Olympics which she said was an amazing experience and while she didn’t medal, it has made her even more determined to qualify for and succeed in Rio at the next Olympics.

To raise money, the girls’ day of sports was split into three sessions for Years 0-3, 4-6 and 7-8. The youngest took up a skipping challenge whilst the two older groups were challenged with a range of cross fit exercises. The girls arrived dressed in ‘funky mufti sports gear’ ready to participate.

Year 0-3 showed off a variety of jumping skills in a skipping relay followed by a ‘skip off.’ The Year 0/1’s skipped for one minute while our judges picked the top three skippers and Year 2/3’s had to keep skipping until there was only one skipper remaining. This was great fun for our young ones and they really thrived on the huge support from the side line from the older girls.

Ms Kristie Richards introduced cross fit to our older students earlier in the year in preparation for cross country and winter sports.  Our Year 4-8’s worked in partners of similar ability and undertook a circuit involving a variety of exercises such as squats, planking, step ups, shuttle runs, skipping and even a hill run involving a chicken!  The girls had a fabulous time pushing and supporting each other to get through each circuit. The Year 8’s had further motivation to do their best when Ms Richards and Mrs Rowson joined in and laid down the challenge to try to complete more exercises than them!

It was a fabulous day, enjoyed by all and best of all the girls raised $2063.30 for a worthy cause.

The Halberg Disability Sport Foundation Vision: ‘All sports for all New Zealanders - No Exceptions’ Sir Murray Halberg (ONZ)

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