Girls' School Junior Cross Country

August 27, 2014 at 9:28 AM

It was a dry course and a fast run yesterday morning at the annual Junior Cross Country for the youngest students at the Girls’ School. The hilly course was once again mapped out across the Boys’ School, starting at the top field, looping up and down the driveway and around the rolling paddock of Roselle Lawn.

Racing began nice and early and all Year 0-3 girls put a determined effort into their run to reach the welcoming sight of the finish line flags. The girls were cheered on by a well turned out crowd of enthusiastic family and friends supporting them from the sidelines and giving them that extra spurt of motivation when their tanks were running empty!

Well done to all competitors who participated and to those who succeeded in achieving their own personal goals.


Year 0
1st - Sienna Robertshaw
2nd - Brooke Rowntree
3rd - Chloe Chester 

Year 1
1st - Charlotte Ray
2nd - Ella Taylor
3rd - Claudia Stewart 

Year 2
1st - Endrica Dhani
2nd - Sophia Starrenburg
3rd - Jing Jing Qiao

Year 3
1st - Isabella Hughes
2nd - Frances Revell-Devlin
3rd - Audrey Lee 

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