Girls' School High Tea

April 08, 2013 at 3:39 PM

A sell out event for the last two years with more tickets requested than seating space available, the decision was made to move this year’s Mother and Daughter High Tea offsite.  Almost 200 girls, mothers and other significant women in the lives of our Saint Kentigern girls’ gathered at the Novotel, Greenlane for a formal afternoon tea in the tradition of yesteryear. And in a first, the tickets were booked online through the OLE (Online Learning Environment).

In her opening address, parent, Fiona Freeland said that as mothers of school age children, we often rush from the moment we get out of bed until the day draws to an end. In these increasingly busy times, it is important every now and again to stop and take the time to reflect on the mother/daughter relationship and others, such as grandmothers and aunts, who provide close mentoring roles. The afternoon was intended as time out to relax and enjoy.

Head Girl, Anna Lowther was invited forward to share a prayer:

A poem and blessing for all mothers

Thank you mother for being the special person that you are
Thank you for your mother's love that seems to stretch so far
Thank you for always being there, for the way that you care
Thank you for the true and special understanding that we share
Thank you for your wisdom that so often you will lend
Thank you for words not said when word cannot mend
Thank you for knowing and not knowing what to do
Thank you for sometimes easing off and sometimes pulling me through
May God bless our relationship, may it grow stronger every day
May our friendship stand the test of time and grow deeper along life's way.


The guest speaker was Annemarie Cambie from Charlotte and Austen, a children’s homeware design company. Whilst afternoon tea was delivered to the table, the girls were encouraged to pick up coloured pencils and design a bed spread. A tempting focus for the girls was an old fashioned lolly shop in the corner of the room and towards the end of the afternoon, much to their delight, they were invited forward to make a selection.

If relaxed chatter, laughter and time spent with loved ones is a good measure, then this year’s High Tea hit all the right notes. And for the Parents and Friends, leaving all the washing up for the Novotel was a highlight!

Our thanks to Fiona Freeland, Danielle Lewis and their team of parent helpers for organising the afternoon.

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