Girls’ School Graduation Dinner

December 04, 2017 at 8:27 AM

After receiving their Leavers’ Scarf at Chapel and their Leavers’ Candle at the Carol Service, our Year 8 girls marked the end of their primary school years at their Graduation Dinner, held on Thursday night at Sorrento in Cornwall Park.

Principal, Ms Juliet Small warmly welcomed friends and family, members of the Trust Board and invited guests before President of the Old Collegians, Mr Hayden Butler gave the sponsor’s address.

A graduate of both the Girls’ School and the College, Ms Samantha Louie spoke on behalf of the Old Collegians. She said it was refreshing to see a group of girls so dedicated to doing their absolute best and told them that what makes a person truly brilliant is their kindness and love towards others. She said, ‘Wherever you are next year, always remember to be kind, always include others, stick to your morals and be true to yourself. Be grateful, especially to your parents and be graceful, hold your head up but stay humble and enjoy your next journey.’

Head Girl of the College, Isabella Denholm is a familiar face to the girls and congratulated them on how far they have come. She explained that her favourite quote is ‘Carpe Diem - Seize the day’ and told them to do just that -  and to go out and make their lives extraordinary! ‘Find what you love and give it everything. Draw on the skills and character traits you have been developing over the past eight years. Fill your daily life with moments that are new, exciting and meaningful.’

Chapel Prefect, Kate Frazer was called on to say grace for a most enjoyable meal.

Following dinner, the girls mixed and mingled, seeking signatures on their white and blue Graduation Bear  before retiring Deputy Principal, Mrs Judith Dobson introduced the guest speaker for the evening, The Honourable Nikki Kaye, a Member of Parliament for the Auckland Central electorate, and a past student and Head Girl of the former Corran School. Ms Kaye is remembered as a strong young woman from her school days with great leadership potential. She credits former Corran Principal, Gillian Eadie for setting her on track after being told, ‘One of the first lessons in life is that when things bring you down, you need to get back up.’ It was Mrs Eadie’s belief in her that turned her life around, setting her on the path to political success. She reiterated Samantha and Isabella’s words telling the girls that being self-confident and staying true to themselves will help create a path for a successful life. 

With the night coming to an end, Ms Small concluded by saying, ‘Be the best that you can possibly be and continue to make the most of opportunities, remembering all the advice and support provided to you over the years.  You are well prepared for the challenges of secondary education and you can move forward with confidence and enthusiasm to make the most of all opportunities that lie ahead.’

In offering words of advice to the parents, she finished, ‘But as you are no doubt coming to learn, raising teenagers is like trying to nail jelly to a tree!’


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