Girls’ School Excelled in the Interschool Theatresports Showdown

November 09, 2022 at 3:55 PM

Since 2016 the Saint Kentigern Girls’ School has competed in our annual Interschool Theatresports competition against the College Middle School Theatresports teams. Each year the coveted garden gnome trophy is up for grabs, with the top three teams from each school vying for their names to be engraved next. Theatresports is the amalgamation of drama and a sports competition, with teams playing time-limited games requiring them to think fast and outside the box.

The morning started with an hour of workshopping, where all SKG and SKC Theatresports students played various games and sharpened their skills. This got their creative juices flowing as the top teams prepared to face off against each other in the competition.

After a short lunch break, the teams returned to JC Chalmers. All the students who participated in the workshop sat in the front row to cheer on their classmates. The six best teams sat on stage, ready for their names to be called. The three College teams were Size Boys, Crackers, and Drama Queens. Representing the Girls’ School were London’s Laughing Llamas, Melvin and the Drama Llamas, and The Dramatic FOUR-ce.

Each team played two games of their choice. From Space Jump to Party Quirks, some very whacky scenarios entertained viewers and judges alike. In a particularly hilarious game of Party Quirks, Melvin and the Drama Llamas were placed at a funeral. Their characters – a girl convinced she was a cow and a kleptomaniac – had the audience roaring with laughter as their teammate attempted to guess who they were while staying in character. Their clever acting landed them in the top three, with the two other Girls’ School teams rounding out the finals!

To decide the winner, each of the top three teams played ‘Death in a Minute,’ where they were given a scenario. At least one character had to plausibly die within the minute. Groups acted in locations such as a library in Hawaii, Disneyland, and Kelly Tarlton’s, which oddly became Finding Nemo meets Romeo and Juliet. In the end, The Dramatic FOUR-ce took the gnome, killing off several of their characters with a bookshelf come to life in a Hawaiian library. 

Looking back through the names written on the gnome from years past, one of the first winners in 2016, Arwyn Stevens, is now captain of the Premier Team in Theatresports at the College. The winners of today’s event certainly have an exciting future in drama. Congratulations to the winning team of Vesa Zajmi, Chloe Kim-Johnson, Emma Liu, and Sienna Dillury. We also thank the Girls School teachers, Mrs Judy Norton and Mrs Melinda Downes and College staff, Miss Amelia Ayres and Mrs Renae Wright for organising the day. A special thank you to Mr David Sheehan for teaching the workshop. We hope to see many of you at the College Drama Club and Theatresports next year.

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