The Girls’ School Book Parade 2021

June 18, 2021 at 1:18 PM

To celebrate their love of reading, the Girls’ School brought their favourite book characters to life at their annual Book Parade today. From Cruella de Vil to Dr Seuss’s Thing One and Thing Two, it was evident that everyone, including the teachers, put a huge amount of effort into refining their look. The costumes were outstanding!

The Book Parade is a special event held in conjunction with Book Week and encourages the girls to actively read. To start their morning, the girls had a full school assembly where they showcased their costumes and watched class 4CB perform a skit that introduced their favourite book characters and shared chosen passages from different novels.  

The girls spent the day indulging themselves in the world of literacy. They brought books from home and swapped them with their friends, they spent time reading together and took part in several book quizzes.

The girls had a fantastic day. Thank you to all parents who got into the spirit of the event to dress their girls and to those who came along to support!


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