Girls’ School Athletics 2016

November 11, 2016 at 9:29 AM

Our Junior School and Middle School girls have stepped up to the line to make their mark at their Athletics Days over the last two weeks (the senior girls in Years 7 and 8 competed alongside College students earlier this year).

The Junior School battled against the heat, whilst the Middle School were nearly swept off their feet by the gusty wind, but neither weather pattern deterred the girls from giving it their all.

Each day started off with the optional long distance race. For the juniors, it was the 400m. This caused a little confusion at first as the younger girls didn’t realise they could pass each other! Once told to ‘target the person in front of you and get ahead of them’, the race was on!

The Middle School had the option of tackling the 800m – and some were rather shocked when they realised they had agreed to two laps of the field but gave it their all!

Throughout each of their events, the girls were in great spirit and gave each activity a go, from running to throwing and jumping. Special thanks to all the staff and senior girls who assisted at each event, for enduring the wild weather to record, measure and time!

The girls are looking forward to the House Relays at the Boys’ School next Friday. 

Click here for the Junior School Gallery

Click here for the Middle School Gallery







Year 0

Kasey Wray HA

Coco Zan HA

Emily Hu CA

Year 1

Ameila Hardie WI

Violet Lindsay Smail CH

Queenie Lang CA

Year 2

Rosie Ward CH

Laura Koeman CA

Sienna Robertshaw CH

Year 3

Claudia Stewart CH

Alianna Hay CA

Olivia Carpenter CA

Year 4

Sahara Knottenbelt WI

Sophie Yan HA

Sienna Hirst CH

Year 5

Isabella Hughes CH

Frances Revell-Devlin WI

Alisa Iosua CA

Year 6

Zoe Wong HA

Millie Thomas HA

Amy Skidmore WI

Year 7

Khanye'-Lii Munro-Nonoa CH

Ocean Scott HA

Verity Ward CH

Year 8

Florence Dallow WI

J'adore Harris-Tavita CA

Elyse Tse CA

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