Frosty Fun at the School Disco

July 07, 2023 at 4:18 PM

Just as Lucy Pevensie stumbled upon Narnia beyond the door of her wardrobe, on Friday 23 June our girls embarked on an adventure into JC Chalmers Hall. As they bypassed the lamppost, the girls were met with a mesmerising sight – a magical winter wonderland awaited them. The hall had been transformed into a snowy forest, a human-sized swirling snow globe, and a dance floor illuminated in blue and white. Stepping into this enchanting scene felt like being transported to the frosty landscapes of the North Pole. 

The Years 0 to 3 girls were greeted first, enjoying their wintery disco on the dance floor, followed by a few dance challenges including the limbo. Meanwhile, muffled shouts of glee coming from the snow globe could be heard just above the music. If you were to peek, you would see glimpses of our students among the swirling balloons inside.

Throughout the evening, the girls dressed in their very best winter outfits danced, laughed, and enjoyed making angels in the snow left scattered around the trees. As the youngest girls' time was up, they were given wintery treats to take home including candyfloss, rice crispy treats, and a cake pop.

The older girls (Years 4 to 8) came in soon after, repeating the same looks of delight when met with the winter wonderland. They too enjoyed the different activities around them.

Many teachers got involved in the fun with rather impressive outfits. Much to everyone's delight, Chaplain Reverend Reuben Hardie showed up as if he was straight off the slopes with his snowboard in tow. Although there was no best-dressed award for the teachers, one fortunate student from each year group won a prize for their outfit. From ‘Frozen’ characters Olaf and Sven to glamourous snow princesses, the girls dressed to impress.

Thank you to our P&F chair Sacha Palmer and the parent helpers who set up the event and made the delicious treats. Also to all the teachers who showed up and joined in, along with the incredible DJ who made the night so much fun for the girls.

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