Five New Records at Swimming Sports

April 19, 2024 at 9:33 AM

The boys held their Swimming Sports over four days, each providing temperamental weather to challenge the grit of our top swimmers. Despite that, we saw record-breaking performances across several year groups, revealing the competitive streak inside our boys when House points are on the line!  

This was the first year our Year 3s competed the 25m breaststroke and 50m freestyle. Kaleb Shek set the pace to beat for next year at 30.00s and 48.22s respectively. Year 6 student Jeremy Wu set a new 25m breaststroke record at a blistering 20.25s, and Year 7 William Gascoigne set two records in the 25m (16.62s) and 50m (34.96s) backstroke. Congratulations to all our boys for their sportsmanship and go-getter attitude over the competition.


House Rankings:

1st Cargill

2nd​ Chalmers

3rd​ Hamilton

4th​ Wishart


Individual Champions:

Year 1

1st Leo Gunn

2nd Henry Langerak

3rd = Hugo Burroughs and Sean Liu


Year 2

1st = Landon Tang and Oscar Southam

3rd = Henry Elliot and Rio Zheng


Year 3

1st​ Kaleb Shek

2nd​ James Wilkinson

3rd​ Tommy O’Connor


Year 4

1st​ Alex Hills

2nd​ William Liu

3rd​ Charles Cashmore


Year 5

1st​ Kelvin Sun

2nd​ Zach Miles

3rd​ Jack Stephens


Year 6

1st​ Brayden Zha

2nd​ Jayden Huang

3rd Jeremy Wu and Jeffery Chen


Year 7

1st​ William Gascoigne

2nd​ Tom Dempsey

3rd​ Allan Liu


Year 8

1st​ Austin Zhao

2nd​ Ryan Zhao

3rd​ Flynn Hagstom

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