Farewell to Our Year 8 Girls’ School Graduates!

November 30, 2018 at 12:33 PM

‘Value your soul over popularity and appearance, value your morals and your treatment of others before you value you an image, value your mind and knowledge not followers, nor likes, and value the love you give to your family, your peers and yourself.’

These are the strong messages that guest speaker and Old Collegian, Samantha Louie left our Year 8 girls to think about last night at their Graduation Dinner. Students, parents, staff, Trust Board Members and invited guests gathered at Sorrento in the Park to reflect back on the girls’ time at the Girls’ School, as they ready themselves for the next step in their education.

Girls’ School Principal, Ms Juliet Small warmly welcomed the guests before Trust Board member, Andrew Morgan and Old Collegians’ representative Samantha Louie, gave their message to the girls. Andrew congratulated the girls and reminded them to bold and to be the best they can be. ‘Life is about making the most of every opportunity, so step up and challenge yourself.’

Samantha also congratulated the girls and said, ‘You will have endless opportunities in the coming years so seize them, aim for success and be humble.’

College Head Girl, Laura Porteous spoke about the range opportunities they will be exposed to at the College, saying, ‘Give everything a go and you might find something new that you love.’

Following dinner, the girls mixed and mingled seeking signatures on their white and blue Graduation Bears before Assistant Principal, Helen Prescott introduced the guest speaker for the evening, Frances Valintine, the founder and chair of The Mind Lab by Unitec and Tech Futures Lab. Frances spoke about future innovation and the endless amount of opportunity the girls will have presented to them in the coming years. ‘Say yes to every opportunity that aligns with your morals and it can open up an endless number of doors and opportunities. You are truly the translators from the analogue to digital world and we need to listen very closely to the things that matter most to you! Your future will be nothing like mine or what I ever imagined for my children, but with your talent your curiosity and your determination you are going to make this planet an incredible place.’

With the night coming to an end, Ms Small concluded by wishing the girls luck on their new adventure and advised them to always remember to ‘Be yourself’, before handing out their leaving bracelet and rose, gifted from the Old Collegians Association.

The girls and guests had a wonderful evening and shared many hugs and tears on their departure.


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