Exceptional NZQA Scholarship Success

February 13, 2024 at 5:47 PM

We are delighted to share our College students' exceptional achievements following the New Zealand Qualifications Authority’s (NZQA) scholarship announcement which recognises outstanding academic accomplishments by secondary school students nationwide.

Among the distinguished recipients, 49 students from Saint Kentigern College have been awarded 75 scholarships, with an impressive 16 scholarships at Outstanding level, demonstrating an unswerving commitment to academic excellence and a culture of achievement.

Exemplifying the pinnacle of academic success, Sean Wang (Year 13, 2023) was named a recipient of the prestigious Premier Award for 2023, an accolade presented to the top 10 students in New Zealand. Sean achieved six scholarships – four Outstanding scholarship level in Chemistry, Economics, English, and Physics, and two Scholarship level in Biology and Calculus. Sean was also recognised as a Top Subject Scholarship Award winner for Economics.

In addition to Sean’s remarkable feat, three senior students have been recognised as Outstanding Scholar Award Winners. Ethan Liu (Year 13, 2023), Nicholas (Nico) McKinlay (Year 12, 2023), and Daniel Xian (Year 11, 2023) each secured two Outstanding scholarship level awards and two Scholarship level awards, respectively.

Nico has again scored top marks in Calculus, winning the Top Subject Scholarship Award for the second consecutive year. Nico was first recognised with an Outstanding scholarship level achievement in Calculus as a Year 10 student in 2021.

Across our senior school, dedicated students in Year 11 achieved a total of 15 scholarships, while those in Year 12 earned 32 scholarships, and our Year 13 cohort secured an impressive 26 scholarships.

It is also worth noting that Alan Chen (Year 11, 2023) was awarded two Scholarship level awards and one Outstanding level award, while Eric Pan and Sai Prabhu (both Year 12, 2023) each received three Scholarship level awards.  

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all our award recipients for their outstanding achievements, reflecting their hard work and commitment to academic excellence. Well done!

Our College’s annual Academic Honours and Colours ceremony will acknowledge all our 2023 NZQA scholarship winners on Friday 8 March.

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