Eat My Lunch!

June 30, 2017 at 3:47 PM

The Level 3 Food Technology students organised a communal lunch for the last day of term through ‘Eat My Lunch,’ which in turn helped supply lunch to primary school students in low decile areas.

How you ask? Eat my Lunch is an organisation that supports children in low decile schools throughout New Zealand. By buying one of their lunches you also fund a lunch for a primary school student who would usually go without. It is a small gesture that has a great impact. The benefits of having a nutritional lunch goes without saying; it fills their stomachs, helps them focus in class and ultimately puts a smile on their faces.

The organisation started two years ago with the idea of trying to ease a nationwide issue by creating change through something as simple as a lunch. Founders, Lisa King and Michael Meredith have given over 450,00 lunches to 48 different schools in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington. The pair, along with their army of volunteers, prepare and deliver over 1600 lunches each day.

Many students across all year levels participated in the College communal lunch which supports the Food Technology Departments ethos of using food as a social mediator. It also gave the student body another opportunity to give back to their community. Each lunch consisted of four items, a main, a snack, a sweet treat and a piece of fruit. In return, the recipient children received a lunch that included three items, a wholegrain sandwich, a healthy snack and a treat.

With the success of today’s lunch, the students would like to organise another one next term. 

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