October 12, 2022 at 3:38 PM

At the Preschool, we offer our children extracurricular activities such as music to help them develop and enhance their skills and capabilities.

Every Tuesday, our children participate in a range of fun musical activities under the guidance of Meichen from Lewis Eady. These group classes are intended to help our children practise listening, concentration, cooperation, and to appreciate sound.

The classes are slightly different each time to make it fun and engaging. At times, we get our children to perform various movements around the room following the beat of the music or an instrument. This encourages our children to learn about pace and use their listening skills to decipher which instrument is used.

Singing is another activity our children enjoy. Here they learn to sing at different pitches and keep in time with each other. Through these sessions, children have the opportunity to explore the use of different instruments such as xylophones, shakers and tambourines to broaden their understanding of sound and rhythm.

These music sessions help nurture our children’s confidence and self-esteem to talk and participate in a group setting and encourage them to enjoy the magic, wonder and joy that music brings. Our children learn that music is used to amuse, delight, comfort, inform and excite. We hope these sessions will further inspire their passion and interest in music.

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