Designing the Common Room, by Year 13s for Year 13s

April 07, 2022 at 4:41 PM

By Keith Taylor, Senior School Head of House (Wilson)

Located next to the Saints Café at the lower ground floor of the Macfarlan Building, the Year 13 Common Room is a dedicated space where our College seniors have the privilege of using in their last year at the College to study and socialise.

This year, we decided to start a tradition of getting students involved in redesigning the space. The idea is to have the space refreshed annually by our Year 13 cohort, with some of the artwork remaining as permanent fixtures.

With that, a dedicated group of Year 13 students rolled up their sleeves up and came together to create some amazing artwork over a weekend during the term. The House canvasses will be hung on the walls of the Common Room.

The House Leaders demonstrated fantastic leadership skills, successfully gathering a team of talented artists, tasked with creating personalised and unique house canvases. The artistic talent on display was incredible and this, combined with the positive, collegial atmosphere during the weekend event, summed up the Saint Kentigern spirit.

The artwork looks fantastic, capturing the uniqueness of each house and bringing the common room to life. Well done to all students who contributed! 

A special mention goes to Ethan Fung, who along with a team of talented students worked on a wonderful mural that will remain in the Common Room for years to come.

Commenting on the opportunity to be part of the project, Ethan said, “It feels amazing to be able to leave a lasting legacy in my final school year and I am grateful to have worked on a project that I am passionate about with my friends.”

The mural, which was collaboratively worked on by Ethan Fung, Leticia Liang, Katherine Cao, Grace Gao, Jason Jiang and Tony Tang, cleverly represents all facets of school-life, whilst incorporating the colours of each house.

Finally, a huge thank you to Rodney Stratton and Eric Wall for your passion, energy and enthusiasm in making this project a success.

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