Dads in School Day at the Girls' School

March 10, 2014 at 12:57 PM

Dads Lunch (9).JPGWhether it was a sticky treat in the lunch box, a quiet read in the library, a game of ball on the field or some riotous activity on the playground, sharing time with Dad took on many forms at the first Dads in School Day.

We were absolutely delighted with the response to this new initiative as expectant girls peered out of classroom windows eagerly waiting for their Dads to arrive. It was really enjoyable to observe relaxed Dads wandering around the school with their daughters - and to watch Dads sneak in with ‘totally inappropriate’ food to share! Undoubtedly these cakes and cookies were wonderful, happy treats for the girls!

There was one downside to the day as a fire in commercial kitchen of our online lunch ordering service caused a delay in the delivery service leaving some girls and their Dads who had ordered waiting for lunch. However, once the shared lunches were eaten, there was plenty of time for more fun on the field!

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