Cushions to Comfort Starship Children

March 27, 2020 at 3:29 PM

Cushions to Comfort Starship Children 

Over the years, students at the Girls’ School have worked on an endless amount of Service projects to help those in need. As Service is one of our Saint Kentigern Values, the girls take pride in helping others and jump at every opportunity to do so.

Last year, our Year 7 and 8 girls joined quilters across the country to produce quality quilts for those in the Muslim community directly affected by the Christchurch Mosque attack. Through the initiative, ‘Healing Heart Quilts for Christchurch’, the girls entered their quilts in the PresCare Art Competition and were awarded $100 for their efforts.

This term, the Year 8 students spent the $100 on buying materials to make heart cushions for children who have had heart surgery at Starship Hospital. Building on their heart designs from last year, the girls worked together in groups and with the guidance of Art Specialist, Mrs Diana Roband, to produced 45 beautiful cushion panels that were sewn together by Linda McAdams.

Utilising their design, sewing and art skills, the girls produced some bold and innovative designs that they were proud of, and were pleased to have the opportunity to bring comfort to children who may need it.  

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