Cross Country Results

August 17, 2015 at 10:09 AM

Students from the Boys’ School and Girls’ School had a true cross country running experience at the College on Friday. After heavy rain on the days prior, the track was especially muddy in patches providing challenging and fun races. The weather was clear but cold on the day for the early events but wind and rain arrived just as the Year 7 and 8 boys’ were about to start. The conditions failed to dampen their spirits though and everyone strove for their personal best and to earn points for their house. The results were as follows:

Year 4 boys

1st: Sam Mcleod - Cargill
2nd: Ethan Knox - Cargill
3rd: Thomas Hageman - Cargill

Year 4 girls

1st: Isabella Hughes - Chalmers
2nd: Frances Revell-Devlin - Wishart
3rd: Kate Green - Hamilton

Year 5 boys

1st: Brodey Warren - Hamilton
2nd: Louis Lepionka - Cargill
3rd: Antony Gault - Cargill

Year 5 girls

1st: Mary Stanfield - Cargill
2nd: Zoe Wong - Hamilton
3rd: Kate Dryden - Wishart

Year 6 boys

1st: Isaac Wong - Hamilton
2nd: George Beca - Cargill
3rd: Sebastian Hardie - Wishart

Year 6 girls         

1st: Coco Hewitt - Chalmers
2nd: Verity Ward - Chalmers
3rd: Katie Dirks - Chalmers

Year 7 boys        

1st: Vinay Chichester - Hamilton
2nd: Matthew Larsen - Chalmers
3rd: George Baker - Hamilton

Year 8 boys        

1st: Isaac Chaytor - Cargill
2nd: Michael Hiddleston - Hamilton
3rd: Jack Melhuish - Chalmers

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