Commemorating our new beginning

July 15, 2022 at 4:21 PM

On the back of the national celebration of Matariki, our Girls’ School commemorated their new beginning at its new school on Shore Road with a celebratory first full assembly. All students, staff and invited guests walked across the field to JC Chalmers Hall and were greeted by melodious tunes by musicians as they settled in.

Once everyone was seated, Principal Ms Juliet Small was invited to come on stage to give the opening address. There was a moment of silence and then much to everyone’s surprise, Ms Small appeared from a giant box with a warm welcome, “Hello girls. Kia ora everyone. We are all here at our new school at Shore Road!” Applause and beams on the faces of all those in attendance greeted her back in response.”  

With a checklist in hand, Ms Small ticked off all the things that were intrinsic to the school – values, house system, Big Sister and Little Sister programme, staff and girls (Year 2 Adeline Scott, checked!), among others – all that the school represents and is  committed to, reiterated at the school’s final assembly at Remuera Road.

“Welcome to a new beginning. Our new future!” said Ms Small, “It is such an incredible feeling to be standing in our new future, to witness how our staff and girls have settled in, and are making the most of the learning spaces and the opportunities presented.

“This school was built with our girls in mind, each space well thought out to facilitate our girls’ development, and a place where they will continue to thrive and develop. Therefore, it is reassuring for us to see our girls all settled in their new classrooms and  organised quickly with  pick up and drop off procedures. They are spending time at the playground, playing football on the turf or basketball at the gymnasium, and enjoying reading time across our library areas over three floors.”

“We are creating our new normal. We are imagining, anticipating, exploring our new environment so we can make the most of the learning opportunities and have some fun. I look forward to seeing all of you make the most of every day in our beautiful new space.”

Showcasing the school’s amazing musical talent, the girls sang ‘We are heirs of Saint Kentigern’, followed by performances by the Chamber Ensemble, Ukulele group and a final Matariki song and dance by the entire school. In between performances, a short video by SKG TV video highlighting what the girls love about the new school was played.

During her speech, Ms Small acknowledged the immense confidence and commitment of the Girls’ School community in delivering on this milestone move. She added, “Thank you to the Trust Board for your incredible vision and undertaking to deliver on a learning-inspired facility dedicated to educational excellence. Our appreciation to all staff who worked tirelessly to pack and unpack resources while continuing lessons during the term.”

This monumental assembly was well attended by all the foundation pupils and foundation staff of Saint Kentigern Girls’ School Shore Road campus, Trust Board member Ms Kim McGregor, Executive Trustee Dr Kevin Morris and past committee members of our Girls’ School Parents and Friends and current committee members Mrs Caroline Paull-Leighton and Mrs Kathryn Roach, father of our Head Girl Mr Simon Rowntree and mother of our Deputy Head Girl Mrs Sue Ira.

To mark the occasion, each foundation pupil received a beautiful Kowhai badge which they will wear on their blazers.

If the resounding yes, with a thumbs up to the question “Are you happy and able to do some good learning in the new school?" by Executive Trustee Dr Kevin Morris, towards the end of the ceremony, is anything to go by, we are off to a great start.

We can’t wait to see where this journey takes us!

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