College Year 8 Speech Winners

September 01, 2016 at 2:06 PM

Tasked with creating persuasive content for this year’s speech competition, our Year 8 students called on logical reasoning, factual evidence, examples and quotes from experts to convince their audience that their point of view was one worth listening to. Delivering their speeches first in class, a select few were shortlisted for the finals held in the Goodfellow Centre last week. 

The three winning speeches were all on subjects that resonated with their peers. Eventual winner, Lucy Horsnell was most convincing as to why fairy princesses are a bad influence, setting up unreasonable expectations in looks and behaviour. Sam Everett contended that being lazy is actually productive as current advances in technology supersedes human activity. Samiya Patel put forward a strong argument for teaching anger management in schools in a hope to curb violence in the adult world. 

Congratulations to all the finalists but Lucy, Sam and Samiya in particular. 

Year 8 Winners
1st           Lucy Horsnell
Why fairy princesses are a bad influence on young children

2nd          Sam Everett
Being lazy is productive…

3rd         Samiya Patel
Why Anger Management Should Be Taught in Schools.


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