College Year 7 Speech Winners

June 22, 2017 at 8:08 AM

Our College Year 7 students were tasked to create a persuasive speech that engaged the audience, had detailed and relevant points, and explicit examples for this year’s speech competition. There was a wide range of topics as the students used humour, statistics, research and skilful anecdotes to persuade the judging panel. 

Middle College English Curriculum Leader, Ms Sasha Howard was called on to adjudicate the speeches, based on uniqueness, professionalism and whether it engaged both adults and students. She said, ‘It was very hard to choose. In the end, I conferred with a colleague and we decided that the winning speech was quite different in terms of topic. Samuel Perkins delivered a speech we might expect from a much older student in terms of confidence and ability to take his audience on a journey and, ultimately, he engaged both the adults and students who were listening.’ 

Sam’s winning entry was a convincing case as to why we should look for an adventure below sea level or underground. ‘The World Beneath Us: Are you looking for adventure above ground, then you are looking in the wrong place! In this speech, I convince you to look for adventure and amazing sights below sea level or underground and talk about the wonders of these amazing places.’ 

Second place winner, Oliver Evans convinced our adjudicator why parents shouldn’t nag. ‘The tone of voice used when parents nag causes a negative feeling to float around the house, nagging is too repetitive, kids are aware of what things need to be done in life to help out, only a small percentage of people will learn from nagging, and that everybody, including the parents themselves hate nagging.’ 

Petra Martinez Azaro was awarded third place for her great explanation on why overusing digital technology could be dangerous. ‘I believe that using too much technology could easily lead to danger, addiction, and the eventual possibility of technology running our lives even more than they do now. After listening to my speech, I know that you, too, will agree with me on the fact that humans have become too dependent on technology.’ 

Congratulations to all our finalists especially Samuel, Oliver and Petra.

1st: Samuel Perkins
2nd: Oliver Evens
3rd: Petra Martinez Azaro

Finalists: Lia Eliahu, Harvey Whyte, Charlotte Funnell, Peter Babich, Millie Thomas, Catalina Addis

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