College Team Win Petanque Cup!

March 17, 2014 at 3:31 PM

On the surface, Petanque is a simple, social game with the object to throw your boule (the larger, hollow, metal ball) so that it comes to rest close to the cochonnet (literally, the piglet: a small, wooden ball) while standing inside a starting circle with both feet on the ground.

Add an element of competition and the skill required rises to a whole new level with the most effective technique proving to be a high lob with extra backspin, dropping the boule closer to the cochonnet with minimal roll on! It takes practice!

Under the auspices of the French department and Alliance Francaise, Saint Kentigern has entered a number of teams over the years in the All Schools Petanque competition held in Herne Bay each year; a competition that regularly attracts over 30 schools. Our teams have always done well, often reaching the finals but with a final win being tantalisingly elusive! This was to be our year!

After pool play, two teams made it through to the Trophy competition, two in the Plate competition and the remaining teams in the Bowl competition.

Our top performing team, comprising Callum Mark, Jordan Reid and Dhiren Govind, went through the quarter and semi-finals undefeated to come up against defending champions, Westlake Boys High in the final. Our team held it together, leading most of the way during this final round to win 11-4. It was an outstanding effort by this team to go throughout the tournament undefeated and a moment for these players to remember!

Following this success the team of our students Scott Honnis, Jordan Campbell and Anton Borlase also won the Bowl Competition. A special thank you to Mrs McMillan, for her commitment and dedication to these students.

The students have been fortunate to draw on the expertise of Year 8 teacher, Mr Mailei who started playing petanque when he was 14 and competed with his father and sister in the first family team to represent New Zealand in the World Championships held in Portugal in 2002. He says that petanque is a dynamic and challenging sport which offers a wide range of experiences for youngsters. He says, ‘One of the biggest things the game has taught me is probably the comradeship that I came across as a youth. You learn very quickly how to interact with older folk. They always have a story to tell and they have a lot to offer.’

Team 1 - Claudia Hofmeister / Sarah Matson / Kate Cunningham
Team 2 - Melissa McNaughton / Claudia McVey / Nick Myers
Team 3 - Callum Mark / Jordan Reid / Dhiren Govind – Trophy Winner
Team 4 - Scott Honnis / Jordan Campbell / Anton Borlase – Bowl Winner
Team 4 - Ryan Tanner / Sam Noland / Louis Panszczyk
Team 6 - Trent McDonald / Chris McMillan / Tom Hammond

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