College Students Top Recent Mathematics Competitions

October 18, 2023 at 3:56 PM

The rigorous academic curriculum at the College seems to be paying dividends for some bright young mathematicians. At the recent the 2023 New Zealand Maths Olympiad Competition Nico McKinlay, Daniel Xian and Remi Geron achieved Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards, respectively. This is a significant step towards them representing New Zealand at the International Maths Olympiad and was the first time a College student has won a Gold Award. 

For the 2023 Senior Maths Competition, only the top six students are given awards. Daniel Xian, Nico McKinlay and Oscar Prestidge won half of these individual prizes with a first, third, and sixth place sweep. What makes their results more impressive is the scale of this year’s competition. With 700 students taking part from sixty-nine schools across the country, our students rose to the top of a stacked field.

We also recognise Karol Zhang who was the ‘Top in School’ for the 2023 Australian Mathematics Competition. Over 100 students from the College sat this international examination in August, and given the calibre of mathematicians currently at Saint Kentigern she had tough competition to beat. She also scored well nationally with a High Distinction (97 to 99.7 percentile). We offer our congratulations to each of these students for their awards, understanding that many hours of study and preparation went into the rewards of their labour.

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