College Students in 'Fair Go Ad Awards' Finals

November 03, 2014 at 10:35 AM

Each year TV1’s Fair Go programme encourages school students to create an advertisement for entry into their annual ‘Ad Awards’ – a programme that looks at the best and worst of television advertising.

This year, they threw down the gauntlet to secondary school students to create a commercial that ‘beat the skip’ – something so compelling that viewers are drawn in to watch it rather than hit the ‘skip’ button, as you can while watching online content.

Four College students, Henry Donald (Year 12), Liam Roberts (Year 12), Hunter Williams (Year 10) and Sam Strang (Year 12) have achieved just that! Their entry caught the eye of the adjudicators and was one of ten selected from hundreds of hopefuls that will be shown as part of the live Fair GO television finals on 10 November.

The boys set out to create a circular narrative, providing the audience with a small mystery at the start which required watching the rest of the ad to ‘solve’ it. They filmed and edited the entire advert here at College over about a month during SKCTV meetings. A little tongue in cheek, you may wonder whether to risk eating Dorito Chips – until you see the ending!

Be sure to tune in and watch at 8pm on Monday 10 November. Good luck boys!

Watch their ad below:

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