College Student Selected for Biology Olympiad Training

March 10, 2014 at 4:03 PM

Congratulations to Year 13 College student, Andrew (Bokai) Qi who has been selected to attend the Biology Olympiad Training and Selection Camp during the April holidays along with 23 other students from around the country.

Andrew’s marks in the selection exam awarded him a place at the camp with a view to being further selected for the team of four to attend the International Biology Olympiad in Bali in July.

The camp will be held at Waikato University, The University of Auckland and The Institute of Natural Sciences, Massey University, Albany Campus. 

During the camp the students will sit a three hour practical exam assessing the skills taught at the camp and a three hour theory exam covering all the material in the International Biology Organisation  syllabus. The final team of four will be determined from these results.

Good luck Andrew!

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