College Sports Awards 2022

November 08, 2022 at 4:53 PM

Tradition and success. Two defining hallmark characteristics of the annual Sports Awards Dinner the College hosts in Term 4. Though the students, teachers, and keynote speaker may vary from year to year, this night is always a celebration of elite sporting success, delicious food, and encouragement for our athletes.

To start the night, Director of Sports Mr Mike Anderson addressed the packed-out Sports Centre dressed with tables of students, teachers, coaches, and loved ones. He talked about opportunity, the privilege it is to have it, and that what makes Saint Kentigern so unique is the amount of opportunity the school provides. He thanked those in the room for seizing opportunities, knowing their success was birthed from boldness to take what was offered and work tirelessly until something great was achieved. Following his addressing, the individual sports prizes were awarded, with the immense number of the codes provided shown in full force as students received trophies for sports from basketball to fencing.  

The group was then addressed by Sports Prefects Brooke Fonoti and Tetauru Cuthers. Both remarkable athletes, in their own right, encouraged, reflected, and celebrated the year of sporting that was. Brooke spoke about sacrifice in her speech. An all too familiar acquaintance to each of the athletes and parents in the room. She reflected on her own struggle at times to keep going, yet showing up regardless, choosing to give her best in small moments, which led to incredible successes in waterpolo, touch rugby and netball throughout her year. Tetauru spoke on the importance of reflection. He challenged the individuals in the room to think about how sport has served them and to be grateful while receiving accolades throughout the night.

Following this, everyone paused for a delicious dinner and dessert. As the tables enjoyed the company of their peers, you could see them relax into the night after a week packed with many training sessions, competitions, and games. With bellies full, cyclist Old Collegian and Commonwealth Bronze Medallist Mr Sam Dakin addressed the crowd. His cake analogy won’t be forgotten by those who attended, reminding them that the journey to success – the practices, people, and hard work – is most important. A medal is simply the icing on the cake. As he talked, his authenticity encouraged everyone in the room. Reflecting on his journey to a commonwealth bronze, he revealed his struggle with injuries and mental health. He shared it has taught him to appreciate the process, as success is never guaranteed. 

The night ended with special awards, including Team of the Year, Bruce Palmer Award, and Dux Ludorum for Senior Sportsperson of the Year. The Cycling Girls’ Premier Team, George Turner and Brooke Fonoti, took out these awards, respectively. Each of their performances in multiple codes through the year proved national and, in some cases, international success. 

Thank you to everyone nominated, teachers, parents, coaches, caregivers and supporters. This was a celebration of the athletes and everything you have done. It always takes a village. Thank you to the night organisers, Director of Sports Mr Mike Anderson, Premier Teams and Events Organiser Ms Lynne Scutt, Sports Team Mrs Nicky Romans and Miss Rebecca Jeans and Mrs Bridget Anitelea for being the MC. We also thank our distinguished guests College Sports CEO Mr Mark Barlow for presenting awards, and Mr Sam Dakin for giving your time, coming back to the College and sharing your story.


Special Award Winners:


Year 7 & 8 Sportsman of the Year:                                                     Chace Wang

Year 7 & 8 Sportswoman of the Year:                                                Sophie Archer

Year 9 Sportsman of the Year:                                                            Ben Archer

Year 9 Sportswoman of the Year:                                                       Pia Vlok

Year 10 Sportsman of the Year:                                                          Blake McKinnon

Year 10 Sportswoman of the Year:                                                     Ashleigh Tuumaialu

Year 11 Sportsman of the Year:                                                          Coen Anderson

Year 11 Sportswoman of the Year:                                                     Emmerson Garrett

Principals Award Jerome Kaino Cup:                                                  Alex Mirkov

Principals Award Grant Dalton Cup:                                                   Brooke Fonoti

Principals Award Steve Cole Cup:                                                       Xavi Tarle

Outstanding Performance of the Year:                                              Dontae Russo-Nance

Team Performance of the Year:                                                         Premier Girls Cycling

Boy’s Runner-up to Dux Ludorum:                                                     George Turner

Girl’s Runner-up to Dux Ludorum:                                                     Ruby Spring

Dux Ludorum Senior Sportsperson of the Year:                                 Brooke Fonoti




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