College Middle School Student Leaders Appointed

July 25, 2014 at 1:48 PM

Congratulations to the following Year 10 students who have been appointed as Middle School Student Leaders for the second semester of 2014. These students have been selected after consultation with Year 10 Tutors, the four Middle School Heads of House and feedback from staff as a whole.

This is a very important role for these students who will take up the reins from the semester one leaders to continue in leading their Houses for the second half of the year. This gives a greater number of students the chance to serve in a leadership role, experiencing the duties and responsibilities required at Middle School level in preparation for Senior School.

The students were acknowledged at the first Middle School assembly for Term 3 this week by Head of Middle School, Mr Duncan McQueen and were presented with their badges by Head of College, Mr Steve Cole.

We wish these students well and look forward to their contributions during semester two.

Kyle Robb
Ollie Strang
Callum Stickland
James Gordon
Lauren Pickett  
Georgia Evans

Shuli Arymowicz
Tom Mills
Jason Seto
Isabella Bostock             
Lauren Oliver
Braydon Robinson

Ben Sterritt                    
Eilidh McGregor
Rosie Corson
Tasma Fulford
Sam McDonald
Kate Horsnell
Krish Sethi

James Milner
Bella Conyngham
Kendall Mead
Joseph Houghton
Alesha Lamont
Matthew Dwen


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