College Engineers Runner Up in University Contest

October 28, 2014 at 9:58 AM

A College team with a love of mathematics and science has been awarded runner up in the University of Auckland’s annual competition, ‘New Zealand's Next Top Engineering Scientist’. Our congratulations to the team of Year 12 students, Maheer Zaveri, Oscar Sims and Jed Robertson and Year 11 student, Kevin Shen who were awarded $2,000 prize money.

Run by the Department of Engineering Science, the competition has become quite hotly contested, with over 200 teams of students entering each year. This year the College entered seven teams in a bid for the first overall prize and two runner up placings. 

The challenging topic put to the students was, ‘If Mount Taranaki erupted, how much would it cost the aviation industry?’ The teams each worked on this project for a lengthy nine hours to produce their answer, which was $49.1 million based on their assumptions and modelling.

The team will split the prize-money between them. In addition to the prize money, all members of this team who later choose to study in the Department of Engineering Science will be guaranteed a paid summer internship at Orion Health, Fonterra, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare or the Department of Engineering Science.

Questions from previous years:

‘How many balloons would be required to provide balloon-powered internet coverage to all of New Zealand?’ (2013)

‘In the event that electronic tracking is unavailable, what size search area is required in order to retrieve the capsule?’ (2012)

‘If a severe Tsunami warning was issued, how long would it take to evacuate the 13,000 people who live on Te Atatu Peninsula?’ (2011)
‘How much fuel is required for a manned mission to Mars?’ (2010)

‘Could New Zealanders save enough electricity via energy efficiency improvements in homes to avoid New Zealand requiring an additional power station being constructed?’ (2009)

If you’re curious to read the students' hypothesis, please click here to view their report.

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