Chalmers Takes Back The Athletics Title!

February 27, 2019 at 4:15 PM

Over two hot and sunny days, students from the Middle College, Senior College and the Girls’ School, with hats, sunscreen and plenty of water on hand, streamed onto the lower fields for two days of field and track competition at this year’s House Athletics.

As the sun beamed down, the green fields were a riot of House colours as the preliminary day of competition got underway. Whether the students were actively competing for the top three places or giving it their best shot to secure participation points for their House, everyone had a part to play.

In a day with so many activities across the spectrum of track and field, there are two finals that always draw a large crowd of spectators – the senior high jump finals. With students gathered around, the bar progressively got higher as each senior attempted the jump, until the final competitor to clear the bar secured the title – this year Year 13 student, Jann Kruiswijk was named the Senior Boys High Jump winner and Cecile Velghe was named the Senior Girls High Jump winner.

Finals day brought out the smiles and the cheers as the entire College lined the track in support of the runners. As the starting gun fired, runners sped down the track with determined speed!

With the points tallied across two days, Chalmers secured back the title they lost to Hamilton last year. Chalmers won the House Athletics in 2016 and 2017 and after missing out last year, can put the trophy back in the cabinet for 2019!

Well done to all the students, especially the overall champions and Chalmers House. Good luck to the students who now qualify for Zone Athletics! All the best for your next competition.

Thank you to all staff who stood in the scorching heat to time, measure and record! 





Senior Girls

Cecile Velghe 

Jaymie Kolose

Lisa Putt

Senior Boys

Ben Lowe 

Logan Cowie

Cam Church

Intermediate Girls

Neve Webster 

Charlotte Manley

Natalia Rankin-Chitar

Intermediate Boys

Nick Wales 

Sam Gunn

Quinn Thompson

Junior Girls

Jade Nomani 

Ruby Spring

Olivia Rooney

Junior Boys

Brodey Warren 

Joe Berman

Teare Tunui

Year 8 Girls SKC & SKGS

Alex Campion 

Katelyn Quay-Chin

Cilla Fa'afua

Year 8 Girls

Alex Campion

Katelyn Quay-Chin

Maddie Ballard 

Year 8 Boys

Dejaun Naidoo

Coen Anderson

Ryan Ellis 

Year 7 Girls SKC & SKGS

Cleo Hancock

Greer Gilhooly

Sienna Moyle

Year 7 Girls

Greer Gilhooly

Anna Ross

Ava Quinn 

Year 7 Boys

Timothy Wallace

Oliver Mai

Flynn Renall 

















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