Chalmers is College House Swimming Champion

February 24, 2022 at 11:21 AM

Under a blazing summer sun, Chalmers claimed the first House event for the year, winning the swimming title after a tight race to the finishing line with incumbent Cargill coming in a close second.

Preliminary heats across all age groups had been raced during the first days of the term to award House points for participation and to determine which swimmers would race in the finals last Friday.

On the day of the swimming finals, the boys and girls in Years 7 and 8 were the first to race followed by those in Years 9 to 13 covering different swim strokes.

Despite a subdued final with only participants at the pool, the friendly rivalry between the Houses was evident as the first group of swimmers took their mark.

All swimmers put on an incredible show of stamina and speed in their races, with the Senior Boys events, in particular, ending in some of the closest results ever seen. The day concluded with relay racing for all year groups.

In the end, it was Chalmers with the winning formula, claiming victory and swim title for 2022!

Although we were fortunate to be able to carry on with the swimming sports during these uncertain times, we missed the loud cheers led by house prefects which normally filled the air as the races got underway, which we hope to welcome back in a big way next year.  

Congratulations to all swimmers, age-group champions and Chalmers for winning the first House event for the year.

2022 House Swimming Champions





Senior Girls

Liv Peebles CA

Isabella Campion CH

Olivia Sweetman WL  

Senior Boys

Oliver Avis W

Nick Forgie CH             

Ashwyn Keshvara H

Sunny Sun W                

Intermediate Girls       

Imogen Perry W

Scarlett Bassett CH


Lucy Sweetman WL

Intermediate Boys      

James Crosbie  CA 

Oliver Schnauer CH

Coen Anderson ST

Junior Girls         

Amelia Duff CH   

Kate Slyfield CH     

Indy Neshausen CH

Junior Boys        

Nolan Zou WI        

Lachlan Schnauer CH  

Max Trankels H 

Year 8 Girls        

Lisa Shi CH                

Mischa McLister CA   

Mylan Zou WI  

Year 8 Boys        

Lawrence Mu H

Bernard Wang CA 

Lucas Zhang CA       

Year 7 Girls        

Talia Yuan H           

Lily Evans H           

Sophie Felton WI  

Year 7 Boys     

Yifan Zhang ST    

Sam Slark CA           

Marcus Yu CA    


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