Chalmers Back on Top for Inter-House Athletics

March 19, 2024 at 11:55 AM

Chalmers House is off to a stellar start to the year, claiming the victory at Athletics Day just one week after dominating Swimming Sports. With a legacy of success in Athletics, having secured four consecutive wins from 2016 to 2020, and again in 2022, they were momentarily dethroned by Cargill last year. However, Chalmers has swiftly regained its footing and is ready to continue the momentum in upcoming competitions.

Athletics Day, held on-site over a singular day, brings the entire school community together under a common goal. Each individual is driven to see their house emerge victorious, contributing in various ways. For some, the support of housemates lining the track proves pivotal in the difference between first and second place in events like the 100m dash. Others, enjoy trying their hand at a race or event they would not normally do, clocking up valuable participation points for their house. The day features a range of track events spanning from 100m to 3km, as well as field events such as long jump, high jump, triple jump, shot put, discus, and javelin.

Special thanks are owed to the sports staff for their meticulous organisation and execution of yet another successful event. As we look ahead to the next inter-house clash, the start of Term 2 promises cross-country to be a close contender, with defending champions Cargill looking to break Chalmers winning streak.


House Rankings:

1st        Chalmers

2nd       Wishart

3rd        Cargill

4th        Wilson

5th        Stark

6th        Hamilton


Senior Girls

1st        Emmerson Garrett

2nd       Zahra Abeysekera

3rd        Cilla Fa’afua


Senior Boys

1st        Tim Wallace

2nd       Angus Bannatyne

3rd        Ryan Ellis


Intermediate Girls

1st        Imogen Barlow

2nd       Paige Fletcher

3rd        Eleanor Young


Intermediate Boys

1st        Owen Lamb

2nd       Leofe Usufono

3rd        Sean Kane


 Junior Girls

1st        Morgan Day

2nd       Eden Moyle

3rd        Madeleine Du Toit        


Junior Boys

1st        Samuel Nichols

2nd       Oliver Lee

3rd        Oliver McGuinness     


Year 8 Girls

1st        Emma Pinder

2nd       Eva Gray

3rd        Zofia Wells


Year 8 Boys

1st        Levi Spiess

2nd       Freddy Gordon

3rd        Matthew Thomas


Year 7 Girls

1st        Stephanie Hills

2nd       Lucy Castles   

3rd        Cassandra Addis          


Year 7 Boys

1st        Luke Pinder

2nd       Dylan Tan

3rd        Ayaan Manocha

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