Celebrating our finest achievers of 2021

March 18, 2022 at 3:53 PM

18 March 2022 marked a special celebration for the College as we acknowledged the Academic Achievements of our Year 7 to 13 students in 2021.

We have a long-standing reputation of academic excellence which stems from our mission to inspire excellence in all areas of life for the glory of God and the service of others. While our Academic Prizegiving acknowledges and celebrates academia at the highest level, it is personal excellence that is enshrined in all teaching and learning programmes at the College. 

Students across all levels and subjects were acknowledged during the College Prizegiving ceremony. A full list of all our 2021 award recipients can be found here.

 All these recipients deserve the highest praise. 2021 was a difficult year for us to navigate and these students have demonstrated academic resilience and perseverance, through this, we are confident that they have had the opportunity to grow and lead with distinction. 

Speaking at the College Prizegiving ceremony, Mr Duncan McQueen, Acting College Principal reflected on the great achievements despite a challenging year. Mr McQueen said, “With close to 40% of the year spent online, learning continued. The 2021 lockdown brought the Saint Kentigern family closer together - the important partnership between the College and home moved from being desirable to essential for students and staff. These students have shown resilience and adaptability despite the challenging circumstances. We have gone through a significant year of change and challenge but these students we honour today have shown that great success is possible when a person is motivated, works hard and strives for excellence. Congratulations to all our prize winners.”

While we applaud all our top achievers, we would like to give special recognition to these students:

Top in Year 7 Jessica Corbett

Jessica’s teachers praise her attitude and self-management skills. She is a proud and loyal member of Stark House and was extensively involved in co-curricular, including Service, Theatre Sports, Netball, Wearable Arts, Art Club and South Eastern Zone Gymnastics. As well as receiving the Year 7 Science Prize, Jessica’s total GPA for 2021 was 87.5%.

Top in Year 8 Melanie Yin

Melanie is a talented, hard-working student of Cargill House. As well as being a motivated learner, she was involved in the Environmental Group, Art Space, Wearable Arts Showcase, the Year 7-10 Choir, and our Saint Kentigern String Ensemble. Melanie’s total GPA for 2021 was an impressive 96.2%.

Top in Year 9 Daniel Xian

Daniel in a member of Chalmers House. He demonstrates a natural ability for thinking critically and his reports highlight a natural thirst for knowledge. Over the course of 2021, he was involved in; Maths Club, Programming Club, our Saint Kentigern Symphonic Band, Culinary Academy, and the Scholars Academy. As well as receiving the Year 9 Science Prize, Daniel’s final GPA for 2021 was 97.7%


Top in Year 10 Katelyn Quay-Chin

Katelyn’s teachers describe her as a student driven by a love of learning. They commend her academic capabilities and a focused attitude. As well as being a member of Chalmers House, in 2021 she was also a Middle School Student Leader, a member of both Environmental Group and Service Council.  Katelyn in 2021, was also extensively involved cocurricular including, Goodfellow Centre Apprentice Programme, EPro8 Club and completed her Bronze award in the Duke of Edinburgh programme. Katelyn’s final GPA for 2021 98.5%


Top in Year 11 Sean Wang

Sean is a student with exceptional organisational skills to balance an extensive curricular involvement with his academic studies. As well as being a member of Wilson House, in 2021 he was involved in Academic Council, Concert Band, our Symphony Orchestra and our Scholars Academy. As well as receiving five NZQA Scholarships in English, Chemistry, Physics, Economics and Calculus he also completed his Silver Award in the Duke of Edinburgh. Sean’s overall GPA in 2021 was a perfect 100%


The PG Hadfield for First in Year 12 NCEA Arwyn Stevens

Arwyn is an impressive student. In the classroom, Arwyn stands out, as a natural learner and leader. She is described, by her teachers as someone with a ‘critical mind’, demonstrates exceptional organisational skills and creativity with her co-curricular involvement in both the Arts and Sporting fields. Arwyn is a committed Wilson House member, an Arts Council member, involved in Theatre sports, Year 12 Gold Kayak Training, Goodfellow Centre Apprentice Programme and competed in the New Zealand Economics Competition. Along with a NZQA Scholarship in Drama, Arwyn’s overall GPA was a Perfect 100%.


The Hadfield for First in Year 12 IB Ashley Wang

Ashley is a very capable young woman who is simply driven to be the best individual she can be. Described by her teachers as having an insightful and enquiring mind, she has made an outstanding start to the two-year IB Diploma. As well as being a member of Wishart House, in 2021 Ashely was involved in the; Young Enterprise Scheme, Academic Council, Environmental Council, Model United Nations Club, the New Zealand Economics Competition, Debating and Tennis. Along with a NZQA Scholarship in English, Ashley’s GPA was predicted perfect 42 out of 42 score.


Year 13 Saint Kentigern Scholarship       

At Year 13, our Top Academics are awarded the prestigious Saint Kentigern Scholarship. Aside from Dux and Proximie, these awards in 2021 are presented to the Top 3 IB students and the Top 5 NCEA students.  In alphabetical order the recipients of the Saint Kentigern Scholarships for 2021 are:

  • Samuel Everitt
  • Danielle Mayer
  • Kaia Olsen
  • Isabeau Pan
  • Hannah Riley
  • Blake Walker
  • Sarina Wang
  • Nathan XU


The NCEA Academic Proxime Accessit for 2021 Emma Jorgensen

Emma has demonstrated academic excellence in all areas of the College and member of Stark House. As well as being a committed and talented dancer, her teachers describe her as an individual of empathy, citizenship and a committed critical thinker. In 2021, Emma was a College Prefect, she completed a Gold Medal in The Duke of Edinburgh, performed in the Dance Showcase and Senior Musical, was a member of the Musical Theatre/Pop Choir, Scholars Academy, Hockey 2nd XI and the Senior Jazz Academy. As well as receiving Excellence endorsements in Level 1 and Level 2, she received two NZQA Scholarships in 2020 and further NZQA Scholarship in Physical Education and Heath in 2021. With a perfect 100% GPA, we wish Emma well as she studies medicine in Adelaide.


The IB Dux for 2021 Kevin He 

Kevin is a naturally gifted academic who fully deserves the award of International Baccalaureate Dux for 2021.

In 2019, he gained an overall Level endorsement in Excellence and subject Excellence endorsements in Spanish, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics and was awarded a NZQA Scholarship in Calculus. Following on from his success in NCEA, in 2020 Kevin began his journey on IB pathway where his teachers have praised his academic capabilities, steadfast endurance and love of learning. Also, that year, he was awarded NZQA Scholarships in both English and again in Calculus. Last year Kevin continued with the same enthusiasm and dedication to his studies. He received several Top in Subject Awards in: Mathematics, Spanish and Economics, a further NZQA Scholarships in Physics and an Outstanding Scholarship in Calculus. Supporting this he finalised his International Baccalaureate Diploma with a Perfect 45 out 45 overall result. Kevin is a young man of principle and we wish him well at the University of Pennsylvania.


The NCEA Dux for 2021 Alicia Lynn

Alicia is a naturally gifted scholar who has achieved significant academic success during her time at the College. In 2019, she gained an overall Level endorsement with Excellence and subject Excellence endorsements in: Accounting, Mathematics, English, French and Music. Following on from her success in Year 11, Alicia received an overall Excellence endorsement in Level 2 with Excellence subject endorsements in: Statistics, Accounting, English, Physics, Chemistry and French. In 2021, Alicia has also demonstrated outstanding academic success across all her subjects.  As well as being presented with Top Subject Awards in Music and French, she also received two NZQA Scholarships in Accounting and Music. With a Perfect 100 GPA, we wish Alicia well as she first starts the year at Auckland University but later this year, she will transfer to Macquarie University in Sydney to study a Batchelor of Professional Accounting. 

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