Celebrating the Journey: Year 8 Graduation Dinner

December 14, 2023 at 5:14 PM

In one of their final gatherings as a cohort, Year 8 students and their families convened at Ellerslie Event Centre to bid farewell to their primary school journey. This year’s invited guests included Head Girl of the College Kaia Ashmore, Old Girl Amorangi Marsala, and Genevieve Mora, Co-Founder and General Manager of Voices of Hope, a non-profit dedicated to destigmatising mental illness.

Girls’ School Principal Ms Juliet Small set the tone for the evening, highlighting the celebration of the girls’ educational journey. She emphasised their uniqueness, encouraging them to stay true to themselves and uphold Saint Kentigern values. “You are your own destiny,” she affirmed, urging them to create opportunities, face challenges, and make a difference.

President of the Saint Kentigern Old Collegians Association Mr Thomas Steel welcomed the girls into the Association, urging them to stay connected within the SKOCA network. Kaia and Amorangi added their encouragement, emphasising the importance of giving things a try.

During dinner, families enjoyed each other’s company while the girls eagerly collected signatures on their graduation bears. Guest speaker Genevieve Mora shared her inspiring journey, instilling the importance of seizing opportunities and moving forward. She left the girls with eight pieces of advice corresponding to their eight years at school, encouraging them to strive for excellence, pursue dreams, and not be afraid to seek guidance. 

Deputy Principal Miss Jill Wahlstrom continued the evening with the presentation of graduation gifts including the bear, scarf, necklace, sending-prayer bookmark, and cherished photos. The symbolic scarves mark the conclusion of the Girls’ School journey. 

A standout moment was the photo montage curated by Assistant Chaplain Mr Isaac Williams, taking the girls on a nostalgic journey from Year 0 to the present. Amidst squeals and crying-laughter, the girls enjoyed their trip down memory lane, solidifying the bonds forged over their time at the school.

The atmosphere throughout the night resonated with a mix of emotions – hugs, smiles, and a few tears. As they performed the Black Eyed Peas’ Where is the Love? between tears, it was evident the room was not lacking love. For our Year 8s, it is the end of an era and the beginning of a new adventure. All the best, Class of 2023.

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