Celebrating the Arts 2014

October 24, 2014 at 9:35 AM

After two years of holding this event in the outdoor setting of the Senior School Plaza, the decision was made to take this year’s end of year celebration of the arts back  into ‘climate controlled’ Elliot Hall, removing any element of pre-show, possible inclement weather worry! The stage also promised a better surface for our dancers and better acoustics for our musicians!

This was an evening to join in celebration to recognise our many talented performing artists across all disciplines, giving some the opportunity to perform before presenting the 2014 Cultural Awards.

The String Quartet entertained in the foyer as guests arrived, before they took their seats to be led through the evening by our Arts Prefects, Jamie Hofer and Eden Hawkins. First to the stage was the Concert Band. This Premier Ensemble has had numerous performance opportunities this year, culminating with a silver award at the annual secondary school KBB Music Festival. They set the scene for the evening with a stirring rendition of ‘La Tregenda’ followed by the sultry ‘St Louis Blues.’

Next to the stage was dance soloist, Year 11 student, Rachael Lewis who performed a piece that she had choreographed herself as part of an NCEA internal assessment. This year we have seen a new level of sophistication from our dancers and Rachael’s performance was exceptional.

Theatresports is another important part of our Arts Programme and our Premier group, Team Squid, comprising Tate Steele, Cameron Teare, Mitchell Fissenden and Carlos Webster demonstrated a game to show the level of skill that secured them the Auckland Theatresports title this year. They finished their performance by presenting their coach and mentor, Mr David Sheehan, with a large, orange squid hat!

Year 13 students, Kate Edwards, Emma Watson and Libby Osborne performed an NCEA Level 3 Drama self-devised piece. The task required them to develop their idea on a ‘cause’ and they chose ‘Mental Health’ as their theme with a powerful, moving performance that took twists and turns as the girls introduced new characters.

Performed by the Dance Extension Group, ‘I’m here’ was choreographed by Amy Oldham, originally for an NCEA assessment. This piece was selected to be performed by our students at the recent Tempo Dance Festival held in the city and, again, was a fantastic performance from a talented group of girls.

In recent years, our Fashion and Design students have been making their mark both in the world of wearable arts and on the street-fashion catwalks. Both Clara Wigmore and Lucy Conyngham have had recent success with their handmade garments, recently winning the Year 13 and Year 12 Urban Wear sections of the Botany Designer Awards and both coming runners up in the Newmarket Young Fashion Design Awards. Clara also recently won the Brother People’s Choice Award hosted by The 4.30 Show. Clara’s outfits were modelled along with Lucy’s.

Talented actor, Lloyd David was last to perform with a monologue that formed part of his NCEA Level 3 Drama assessment. Lloyd is well known for his leading roles in The Crucible, Blood Brothers and Othello. We have also been watching him with interest in his debut role on Shortland Street this year.

Head of College, Mr Steve Cole, stepped forward in praise of  a  very fine group of Performing Arts students who have responded well to his challenge to ‘continually raise the bar’ in seeking excellence in all they do. He reaffirmed the importance of the Arts within the College telling the students that more than ever, selecting an art subject will stand them in good stead. Not many will go on to dance, sing, play or act as a career but the transferable skills of presentation, team work, dedication and passion will add immeasurably to their chosen vocation. He quipped that he wished that some of the professionals who come to him to bid for work could bring a bit of drama to their presentations!


The evening’s entertainment was interspersed with the handing out the Cultural Awards for 2014, building to a new trophy being awarded for the first time this year to the ‘2014 Performer of the Year.’

In a College with so many talented young people who have excelled in many artistic endeavours this year, this was not an easy decision to make. This new award mirrors the Dux Ludurum Award presented to the top sportsperson at the College and recognises a student whose Achievements as a performer in his or her chosen field are exceptional.  The Performing Arts Committee received a number of nominations from students whose outstanding achievements span the stage, musical performance, television, theatre sports, pipes and drums and dance.

The inaugural winner is the very talented musician, Ashley Chan

In 2014 Ashley achieved significant success both at College and in the community.

Her highlights at College include:

  • Pianist and Percussionist for the Gold Award winning College Symphony
  • Senior Tenor Drummer – Pipes and Drums
  • Keyboard for the Winning House Band – Cargill
  • Pianist in the Stage Band and the Blood Brothers Orchestra
  • And most notable, Ashley was the Winner of the Piano Section of the College Solo Music Competition and then named 2014 Overall Solo Music Champion

Outside the College Ashley has also achieved outstanding success as a Pianist. This year Ashley received her Licentiate of the Trinity College London Diploma with Distinction.

Ashley also experienced unprecedented success winning three sections at the South Auckland Performing Arts Awards, one of New Zealand’s biggest Music Competitions.

While performance successes were not taken into consideration in the assessing this award, it is also notable that Ashley is a diploma level ballerina, diploma level harpist and was the Solo Music Competition winner this year.


Lily Carson: MEBA Jazz Troupe Won a National Title

Nathan Walker: Selected earlier this year as a member of the RNZPB Assoc,.NZ Representative National Youth Pipe Band.

Maddie Barnett: Represented NZ in the Hip Hop World Championships held in the USA in August this Year


Criteria: applies only to the Senior Drama Production, Musical, Dance Festival (and any other significant College production). This award is awarded to all students involved, be it on stage, cast and crew, make up and technical aspects of productions. The badge will be awarded for any in 3 productions over any number of years while in the Senior School.

Loren Abel: Dance, Drama
Jess Boyce: Dance
Joseph Bradshaw: Dance, Musical
Lily Carson: Dance, Musical
Matt Devlin: Drama, Musical
Ishara Dhambagolla: Dance
Sophie Dixon: Drama, Musical
April Fini: Dance
Lucy Floyd: Dance
Oliver Hadfield :Drama, Musical
Emma Hanley: Dance, Musical
Jervis Lin: Drama, Musical
Trent MacDonald: Musical
Maddie Morete: Dance
Amy Oldham: Dance, Musical
Rebecca Peace :Drama, Musical
Katherine Pearson: Drama, Musical
Jerry Samania: Dance
Phillipa Smith: Dance
Wesley Tameiffuna: Dance
Delilah Thomson: Dance
Hannah Thwaites: Dance
Charlotte Walkley: Dance, Musical
James Yang: Drama, Musical


These students have met the criteria twice during their time in Senior School

Jamie Hoffer: Drama, Musical
Lloyd David: Drama, Musical
Sarah McQueen: Dance, Musical
Ben Reidstra: Drama, Musical 


Criteria: Covers Choral music, large ensembles and small ensembles (of all forms). Choral Music and Pipe & Drums may have their own badge but the same criteria applies. The badge will be awarded after two full year of membership in an auditioned College Ensemble which involves at least two terms of regular rehearsals and takes part in regular performance opportunities while in Senior School.

Jessica Allen: Choral
Aditya Arolker: Instrumental
Max Bunting: Choral
Jeffrey Chan: Choral and Instrumental
Sarah Courtney: Choral
Lucy Dunlop: Choral
Gabrielle Faleto'ese: Choral
Oliver Hadfield: Choral
Caitlin Houghton: Choral
Ada Huang: Choral (Music badge awarded in 2013 for Instrumental)
Annelise Katz: Choral and Instrumental
Keshni Ketheeswaran: Choral and Instrumental
Marieke Kruiswijk: Instrumental
Kamrun Lolaiuy: Instrumental
Claudia Luke: Instrumental
Nick McQueen: Choral
Daniel Ng: Instrumental
William Ning: Instrumental
Nikolai Siimes: Choral and Instrumental
Joseph Sterritt: Instrumental
Licheng Sun: Choral
Matthew Swiatek: Instrumental
Lili Taylor: Choral
Joshua Waterman: Instrumental
Grace Wood: Instrumental
William Xu: Instrumental

William Eaddy: Piper
Byron Lam: Piper
Jacob Schubert: Piper


Criteria: Covers involvement other than the major College productions i.e. Theatre Sports, Sheilah Winn etc. The badge is awarded to members of the premier Theatre Sports team after one full year of involvement. The badge is awarded to a member of the Sheilah Winn team for two years competing at regional level.

Callum Andrews: Theatresports – Premier Tea
Helen Jarrett: Theatresports – Premier Team
Rachel Lane: Sheliah Winn
Alexander Maehl: Theatresports
Sarah McQueen: Theatresports – Premier Team
Sam Morris: Theatresports – Premier Team
Ben Reidstra: Drama, Theatreports
Sian Seeley: Theatresports – Premier Team
Ryan Stickland: Theatresports – Premier Team

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