Cargill Takes Home Victory at Saint Kentigern College Athletics Day

May 03, 2023 at 4:09 PM

Saint Kentigern College's Athletics Day, which took place in Term 1, was an exhilarating event filled with outstanding displays of athletic prowess. The weather was perfect and students in attendance competed in a variety of athletics events. All events apart from the 100m finals which took place the following week, were competed on the day. After some fierce competition, it was announced that Cargill had emerged victorious as House Champions for 2023.

The school's Athletics Day is an annual event that brings the entire College community together to celebrate sportsmanship, teamwork, and individual achievement. It is the largest full school event on the calendar, with all students competing for house points and championship points. Congratulations to all the winners, to Ms Lynne Scutt for organising yet another seamless day, and to everyone who participated for making the day such a resounding success.

Age-group Winners:

Year 7 Boys

1st          Levi Spiess

2nd        Carlos Harvey

3rd         Elijah Matson


Year 7 Girls

1st          Emma Pinder

2nd        Zoey Wilson

3rd         Eva Gray


Year 8 Boys

1st          Oliver Lee

2nd        Nate Jorgensen

3rd         Harry Hawkins


Year 8 Girls

1st          Sophia van den Brink

2nd        Chloe Lin

3rd         Emilia Hughes


Junior Boys

1st          Sean Kane

2nd        Oliver McGuinness

3rd         Louis Quere


Junior Girls

1st          Abby Pinder

2nd        Eleanor Young

3rd =     Mischa McLister

3rd =     Emma Hawkins


Intermediate Boys

1st          Tim Wallace

2nd        Angus Bannatyne

3rd         Leofe Usufono


Intermediate Girls

1st          Pia Vlok

2nd        Charlize Kerr

3rd         Thea Garrett

Senior Boys

1st          Coen Anderson

2nd        Jamie Doubleday

3rd         Daniel Hayes


Senior Girls

1st          Jade Nomani

2nd        Olivia Rooney

3rd         Cilla Fa'afua

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