Cargill, House Tug of War Champions!

December 05, 2018 at 10:09 AM

Muscles were strained, faces were red, and spectators cheered as teams lined up to see who would claim the Tug of War title at the Boys’ School. Their annual competition is about team-work, challenging the students to work collaboratively.

Working collaboratively is the key to success in any team exercise and as our Year 0-8 boys learnt today, they had to work together to stay in ‘rhythm’ to win. The competition was not only about physical strength and grip, but the students also had to be in sync and pull together. Supporters on the side-lines took on a role, coaching and calling out ‘1, 2, 3, pull’ to encourage teamwork.

The pressure was on and points were up for grabs, creating an amazing atmosphere. All representative teams worked hard to make the finals for their year group as the competition worked in a knock-out format. The students had heats, semi-finals, followed by finals – best out of three. 

In the end, the crowd was silent waiting in suspense for Director of Sport and MC for the morning, Mr Duncan Grant to read out the points. Cargill came out on top with 32 points, Hamilton and Chalmers placed second equal on 28 points and Wishart followed on 24 points.

The event was a great way for the boys to finish the year!




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