Business Studies supports Bellyful New Zealand Charitable Trust

May 08, 2024 at 12:57 PM

The Jack Paine Centre was a hive of activity on May 8, brimming with students whose pockets jingled with cash while they negotiated hard bargains. A total of 105 students, organised into twenty-three business groups, brought this bustling marketplace to life. Their task was to create, produce and sell their products using their own invested capital. Each business articulated its pūtake (mission statement) and objectives, which guided their endeavours.

The Fair marks the practical culmination of the price determination achievement standard within the Commerce with Business curriculum. This event was part of a six-week program, where students engaged in business planning, market research, and strategic thinking. They also navigated the financial and production complexity of running a business, providing a real-world test of their theoretical knowledge.

A twenty-percent tax on profits, with an exemption for loss-making groups, alongside a two-dollar stall fee, added a layer of real-world financial management to the exercise. This initiative served dual purposes of education and charity, with the proceeds totalling $355.00 donated to the Bellyful New Zealand Charitable Trust.

The Business Fair seamlessly blended academic rigor with practical experience. Student’s not only learned the fundamentals of running a business but also experienced the satisfaction of contributing to their community, underscoring the importance of social impact as an integral part of modern business practices.

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